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What Is RSS?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. What does that have to do with Building your own home? Great Question!

Let me start by thanking all you visitors out their for making Build Your Own Home one of the highest ranking sites on the internet for helping you Build Your Own Home. That makes me proud and also encourages me to add a bunch of new pages to help you!

The more pages I add the bigger the site and the harder it is for you guys to find what is new. OK, this is where RSS comes in; it is the perfect tool for you to get all the latest updates on Build Your Own Home. Did you know that I add 3 to 6 pages a week and sometimes more? I also update pages all the time. You can find out what I have been up to at the click of a button! What a deal and it cost you nothing to subscribe.

You may have seen the RSS and XML buttons out on the net on a variety of Websites. The RSS feeds started with newswires and bloggers and have become very popular for a number of reasons. You get instant updates that have no spam, no viruses and you can cancel them or add new feeds at any time.

With the amount of information out on the Web now you can literally get overwhelmed and never find what is new or relevant to what you are looking for. RSS feeds give you what you want when you want it with no strings attached. You find out the latest and greatest information as soon as it happens.

If a site that you are interested in has an RSS feed you add it to your RSS Reader and you know when something is new or updated... it is that simple.

Sounds Good to Me, How Does RSS Work?

It works using an RSS Reader that is by the way totally free and easy to use. You just download the reader and follow the simple steps below. I have included a couple of links for you to go and get your reader for free below.

For Windows Users Download at:


For Mac Users Download

Net News Wire

Once you have downloaded the reader you:

Find the XML or RSS button on the site you are interested in and right click on it with your mouse (control-click for Mac users).

Then select Copy Shortcut (Copy link to Clipboard for Mac), and then paste the URL into your RSS reader you just Downloaded.

Right Click on my RSS button below to get started.

 Right-click and get started.

If this is all seems like to much trouble you can use Yahoo! to eliminate having to Download software. Just click on the link below and it is all done in one easy step.

Add RSS feed to your “My Yahoo”.

Add to My Yahoo!

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