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After building my own home I really wanted to share the experience with everybody. So I showed everyone I know pictures and told all the stories. Eventually my audience got tired of hearing about my adventures in house building. So what was I to do?

The search was on for a way to put my great adventure on the web. I looked at many different programs, services, hosting plans and software programs. Many of them made promises, and offered results that upon investigation, they could not back up with evidence.

If you have read any of my articles on this website you know how I feel about research. I took the time and researched and found a solution that met my needs called Site Build It!.

Site Build It! not only promised but it delivered! Right up front they offered evidence that I could build and maintain a website that would both benefit my readers and draw traffic. The perfect solution to help me succeed on the Net.

When I started building this site I did not know anything about HTML or Java script or all the other things you hear propeller head web gurus talk about. In fact I still don't know much, and really don't have to, because Site Build It! handles all the Techno Geek stuff. I just provide the content and the motivation to tell you all about Building Your Own Home. SBI! provides the tools and the Step by Step process. 

Build-YourOwn-Home.com has grown and become one of the highest traffic home building sites on the net. In fact it is in the Top 1% of all websites on the net. Below you will find our current Alexa rating. This is our ranking out of 16 million websites on the Net. The lower the number the more traffic the site receives. In other words number 1 has the most traffic and 16 million the least.

Why does this matter? You can build a great site for your business, or your hobby, or whatever, and actually have people find it and benefit from it. Tired of hearing me jabber about it go see more results at Proof SBI!.

If you have ever wanted to build a website or have an online web business SBI! makes it possible. SBI! took me form knowing nothing to the top 1% of the Net step by step. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

All the best,

George Stevens

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