Thousands of Great House Plans

by Maureen Thomas
(Little Rock, ARK)

I have been haunting the website for the few years since we bought our land.

Now that we are ready to build, we have a good idea of how much house (square footage), and how we want the interior to be (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, formal dining room, library, breakfast nook with a view, etc.)

We got it down to two house plans, and took them both with us when we interviewed builders. Since they had built in this area, once they physically toured the property, they were able to discusss the pros and cons of each house plan.

This website offers modifications to their plans for a small fee --I didn't want a basement, I wanted the garage turned to the side, etc. New plans the way I wanted them, I ordered 5 sets at their posted price. They came right away, and we have "broken ground".

Bottom line about house plans -- start looking at them many months before you make a decision. Our land is 2.6 acres, and initially I fell in love with a plan for a 4100 S.F. house. My only son is college-bound,, and it will just be my husband and I -- did I really want to clean something that size on the basis of maybe two big parties a year?

I went back to the website, and found plans by the same architect that were a lot similar, but toned down in square footage.

I'll send a picture when we are done!

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Apr 08, 2016
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