Bathroom Shower Doors

Shower Doors are one of the most visible items in your bathroom. Unless you install pre fabricated shower inserts you will probably install a custom doors and if the shower is wide enough you will install a side panel as well.

Shower Doors Shower Doors

Find a Qualified Shower Door Installer

The first step to a good quality shower door is finding a good installer. Usually your local glass company has qualified installers that will come out and measure and give you a bid for custom shower doors. You can go to the Building Contractor page for more information on hiring contractors.

Installation of Your Shower Doors

Your installer will custom build your shower doors onsite. They will cut aluminum channel that is attached to your Bathroom Shower with anchors. The glass is then installed in the aluminum channel with a rubber seal that secures the glass in the channel.

Make sure your installer uses anchor screws with rubber washers to seal the holes that will be drilled thru your ceramic tile or marble. The installer should also use silicon to seal the screws and the rubber seals to avoid any water leakage.

Shower Door Maintenance

You should check drain holes on the bottom channel of your shower doors periodically and make sure the drains have not become obstructed. Over time slim will build up and partially block the drain holes. This will cause water to stand in the the bottom channel and can cause a leak thru the holes drilled in your tile. Over time this causes the tile to pop loose or worse cause a failure in the floor below the tile. Simply clean the drain holes with soapy water and a tooth brush and flush out any obstructions to restore free draining.

Any surface that has been sealed with silicon will need to be resealed every few years. Silicon is and excellent sealant but over time water seems to get behind it. When this occurs you will need to peel up the old silicon and replace it.

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