Sealing Ponds
with Sodium Bentonite

This page accompanies the Sealing Ponds page and is a pictoral overview of Sealing a pond with Sodium Bentonite.

Sealing Ponds / Bobcat

We used a BobCat to haul the sodium bentonite bags into the pond. We also used the BobCat to pack the tilled soil and bentonite mixture, after it was tilled.

Sealing Ponds with Sodium Bentonite

After we hauled the bentonite into the pond we spread the bags out evenly. We followed the manufacturers recommended pounds per square foot when spreading the bentonite.

Sealing Ponds / empty bentonite bags

After the bags were placed we then emptied them and spread the bentonite.

Sealing Ponds / Spreading Bentonite

Sealing Ponds / Tilling Bentonite into Soil

After the bentonite was spread we then tilled the bentonite into the soil evenly. We also pretilled the soil because the ground was very hard.

After Tilling we then packed the soil with the BobCat.

Sealing Ponds / Tarp used to stop erosion when adding water.

After the bentonite and soil mixture was packed, we then spread a tarp under the pvc inlet pipe. The tarp eliminated erosion of the bentonite and soil mixture, allowing the pond to fill properly.

Sealing Ponds / Filling the Pond

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