Where Do I Stay While I Build?
The Recreation Vehicle & The Owner Builder

Why did we stay in this recreation vehicle while we built our home? Read on! It got a little complicated.

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recreatioon Vehicle for Temporary housing while I built my own home.

One thing that is not on the top of the list, when you are considering building your own home is, where do I stay while I build. This is usually an afterthought. What I mean to say is, we have a place now, right? We will just finish the house, and move in. Unfortunately, things get a little more complicated sometimes.

I know when we were considering building it was not a major consideration, until we found our land, and then realized the land was on the other side of town, from where we lived.

The commute was going to be a killer. For us to travel back and forth to our construction site, would eat up two hours a day, going to and from our current residence. We also had to factor in work, for at least 8 hours a day, and all the other odds and ends, that we have to spend time on, like sleep for instance!

Suddenly, we were faced with a dilemma. How would we have any time to supervise the home construction? We considered taking turns, one day my wife, would make the trip, and the next day, I would. This sounded OK at first, but reality set in. I wanted to be there everyday, and so did Michaela (my wife).

We were both so excited about building our own home, we could not bear the thought of missing any of it. Or, of course making sure it was done right.

One thing you will realize very quickly, when you build your own home, is, you need to be there every day, at least, once in the morning, and once in the evening, to check progress. Why is that? Good question. Because your Contractors will have questions, and need your input. They for the most part show up early, and you can handle most of this before work, or in the evening, or afternoon, after work.

With all the above in mind, we knew, we had to be close to the building site. What were our choices? We were not close enough to a major town to rent an apartment. We already had a place in the city so what good would that do anyway?

We decided to put a Recreation Vehicle on the property, while we built our home. It was the best solution for us. We could get up early meet the contractors, and then go to work. Come back form work, and meet with them again, tie up any loose ends, then go to the recreation vehicle, get some rest, and do it all over again.

A Recreation Vehicle may, or may not, be a good solution for you situation. Let me explain few items which you need to consider, that I had to learn from experience.

Check your neighborhood, or town ordinances and/or covenants. Don't just move a Recreation Vehicle on the site, and then find out they don't allow it.

In our neighborhood you can have a Recreation vehicle on your property, but you cannot live in it. So, we applied for a variance that would allow us to do so during construction only. If you are considering the Recreation Vehicle option, give yourself some time to do your research. It will also take some time to get a variance if you need one.

When we applied for the variance, we put together a letter, that explained what we were planning, a picture of the Recreation Vehicle, and a copy of the Front elevation of the House from the plans (the front elevation is a drawn picture of the finished house). In the letter we gave a specific time that we anticipated we would be finished with the building project.

Why do this? You must think from the perspective of the committee. Most of the committee that will approve this type of variance, are going to be your neighbors. What are they thinking? These people want to move a Recreation Vehicle into our neighborhood, and live in it. Suddenly, they have pictures of dueling banjos, and barefoot, half naked kids running through their mind.

When you submit a plan, a timeframe, and the finished house to them in a report, you ease their fears. They can then in good conscience do the right thing.

Ok, you got your variance, (if you need one) now what? You need to consider utilities for the Recreation vehicle, and sewer. What are you going to need?

You will need water. If you are on city water, you are going to need a water tap to the header at the street. If you are not on city water, you are going to need a well. You are going to need a well anyway, for you house. You have already done you research for plumbers, right? If not go to the Contractor Page and follow the process.

You will need electricity. You will need a temp pole, for you new home construction anyway, so get your power from it. You have an electrician all lined up, right? If not go to the Contractor Page and find an electrician to run power to your recreation vehicle.

You will need sewer? If you are on city sewer, this may get complicated. They are not to keen on tying in a recreation vehicle. If you are going to put in a septic system, you can do it early, and tie into it. Another alternative, is a temporary porta john tank, that is serviced every week. You are going to need a service to provide a porta john for your home construction anyway. Go to the Septic System Page for more information if you need one.

Now you can move your Recreation Vehicle on the property, and Build You Own Home.

If you need a great Recreation Vehicle, mine is for sale. I have set up a page for you to review it. After building the house, I just do not have the time to use it.

So go have a look at my Recreation Vehicle.

For more Information on Building Your Own Home Go to Our Building Knowledge Center.

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