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Pole Barn Homes

I have been interested in pole barn homes for some time. We are still in the market to build a vacation home and a barn home would fit when building our own vacation home.


Pole Barn Homes

There are many distinctive advantages to building barn homes. One that most interests me is of course the lower cost of construction. Another is the ability to roll the barn doors closed and the pole barn home is secure form break ins and bad weather.

Recently one of my buddies built a new barn home and I have included a picture of it above.

He bought some property in the country and over the last several months he completed building the barn home. He was initially attracted to the open pole barn design because he could build it cheaply and it has an open floor plan. For more information concerning barn home plans go to the house plans page.

He started with a simple plan to have a weekend spot to go to and it evolved into a full blown pole barn home that he is going to live in everyday and commute to and from town for work.

My buddy had some choices to make before starting building his new home. First he needed to decide if he was going to general contract the construction himself or hire one. 

If you haven't reviewed the Pre-Construction page that covers how I built my home and the options available, review it and come back here.

Ok we are all back and ready to proceed with my buddies decision making process on how to build his new barn home. He has a very busy schedule and decided to hire a barn building contractor to build his new home turnkey. In the beginning it was a great idea but he had a few challenges later on.

The pole barn building contractor constructed the barn and then my buddy finished the inside himself and with the aid of building contractors. The building contractor list included a well contractor, a septic contractor, a finishing carpenter that completed the inside wood paneling, cabinets, shelves etc… and electrical contractor, and a structured wiring contractor for the satellite, internet phones and such.

Let me review a few of the challenges, not to be critical, but to help you when you build your own home. the biggest challenge was the schedule who was doing what when.

Remember earlier when I mentioned the Barn home started out to be a weekend spot and then became considerably more because my buddy decided to live in it full time later on. He added several building contractors to the schedule and the timing with the general contractor got messed up. 

Some of the walls were closed in before all the wiring was complete. This was due to the general not paying attention to the new needs for a more complicated build. The schedule changed and the general contractor did not communicate this with his sub-contractors. 

The sub-contractors just showed up one day and closed in all the interior walls without some of the wiring and plumbing and you guessed it, the walls had to be opened up again. This caused some issues with the general contractor and slowed everything down considerably.

Remember with building your own home, or dealing with a general contractor or a sub-contractor you need to be specific, and make all your requests and revisions in writing to help eliminate as many misunderstandings as possible.

In the end everything turned out great for my buddy and he now has a great pole barn home in the country.

I have included a couple of additional pages for you to review; the first is Pole Barn Framing .

I have also included a Pole Barn Homes Construction page that shows the different Pole Barn Homes Construction and also includes several pictures for your review.

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