Pole Barn Framing

Pole Barn Framing is totally different than framing a regular home with a concrete foundation. As I mentioned in the Pole Barn Home page my buddy was looking for a good strong cheap home for his rural property and he found the pole barn fit his needs nicely.
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Ok back to pole barn framing, you will notice in the picture below that the supporting beams for the barn are built into the foundation. In a standard concrete foundation for a stick built home you pour the entire slab and then attach the framing to it.

Pole Barn Framing

With a pole barn you set your framing support as part of the slab. In this application the plumbing and electrical were put in the concrete slab just like a conventional home. The difference is the support for the walls are actually part of the slab.

The first step in the framing process is to set the corner posts in the ground below the slab just like you would a fence post and pour concrete in the hole. This is very similar to having a concrete pier but the corner post is part of the concrete slab.

Pole Barn Framing

Once the concrete slab was poured the corner posts are secure in the slab and the rest of the framing was built to specification for the pole barn. Standard pine framing lumber was used for the pole barn. 2 x 12’s were doubled up and supporting members were carriage bolted together for strength and rigidity. My buddy insisted the use of screws for added strength to the pole barn framing.

Essentially the slab and the framing of the pole barn are one rigid unit. You will notice the use of steel in the concrete slab giving it extra strength against cracking and settling. This can be a real problem in south Texas.

One thing you will also notice is they pretty much let all the rafters run wild and then cut them to length once they were up. This saved them considerable time measuring and cutting.

Pole Barn Framing

The picture below is the framing complete with the slab poured and the pole barn ready for the siding and finishing. The contractor had just started adding metal to the roof and the doors and windows in this picture.

Pole Barn Framing

They did the barn framing with a scaffold and a forklift they really did not need a crane just manpower and ingenuity.

Once all the framing was up the shell was completed using metal siding. This is a very simple structure but very strong.

I have included a couple of additional pages for you to review; the first is Pole Barn Homes and Pole Barn Construction.

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