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New Home Building Steps
New Home Building Steps, The "Ask George" Files New Home Building Steps
From Tony:

I plan to build (sub-contract) our new home on our own due to money. But I need help with knowing the order of building it (breaking ground to finishing touches). I am very good with my hands but the order of doing a house seems to confuse me even though I used to install garage doors and do other various construction jobs. Thanks


Hello Tony,

A good place to start is reading through this page and following the process Home Construction Process . This I hope will give you the basic idea of what happens in the construction process.

You can also have a look at the Site map it lays things out by category You Can Build Your Own Home Sitemap .

Take your time and get a clear picture of the process step by step. If you start at the home page You Can Build Your Own Home and follow the links at the bottom in order it will lead you through each phase of the process.

Hope this helps,

New Home Building Steps
New Home Building Steps, The "Ask George" Files New Home Building Steps
From Debbie:


I have just started research for building a home so far this seems exactly like the information i was needing. I have just got started on looking into this and I have a quick question I am wanting to build a home with crawl space What suggestions would you have on this? we are hoping to build our own home and sub contract all the work out ourselves also wanting a wrap around porch Any suggestions would be great Thanks


Hello Debbie,

My primary suggestion is research as much as you can. Spend time looking at houses and make sure you get what you want. Keep good records on the items that are important to you, it is easy to miss something in the process.

After you have decided on the basic design you want choose good set of plans and have them modified to fit your needs.

Read as many books as you can about the process of home building and contractors so you can spot problems before they happen.

Many good books are available at bookstores, and I have listed many on my site for you to look over.

Treat home building like a business. Carefully plan and research, after all our home is probably your biggest investment.

Happy home building,

George Stevens
New Home Building Steps
New Home Building Steps, The "Ask George" Files New Home Building Steps
From Santos:

Hello, Mr. George Stevens,

I am currently going thru the process of home building for the second time. Both times very discouraged, because the builder(s) keep raising their prices and we are left with substandard upgrades like installing a standard front door and charge us 450 to 500 dollars and I found the same door (Masonite brand) for 127 dollars. In a recent flyer from Home Depot!!! I don't know where to start. These builders are a huge letdown. I now know better.

Can you give me some advice or any link that can give me a step by step schedule??


Hello Santos,

Building a home is a real commitment of time and energy. You can get a good idea of how the process works by reading thru the pages of my site in order. The navigation bar on the left side of the web page has been put in the order of the construction process starting from the top and proceeding to the bottom. Some of the pages are not associated with building your home near the bottom but you can get a good idea of the process utilizing the navigation this way.

You can also get a very good idea of the process by reviewing the home construction page. This page walks you thru the physical construction of my home and the contractors associated with each phase.

I also have many books listed in the Building Knowledge Center that are available thru 

Take your time and research your options. You may find that you want to build your own home. At worst you will have knowledge that you can use to make sure you get the most for your money.

All the best,

New Home Building Steps
New Home Building Steps, The "Ask George" Files New Home Building Steps

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