Metal Building

After building our new home we needed extra storage. A metal building seemed to be the best option. It had to be big, dry, and hold up for a long time in the weather. It also had to reasonably priced and be installed by a reputable company.

You know how I feel about research, so you better believe I got the most for my money. I spent 3 months searching high and low for a Texas metal building company that could install a high quality building at a reasonable price.

Front and Back Metal Building

After getting three bids and reviewing all the options I settled on a national company that built metal buildings here in Texas. I took my time and wound up with a 36 foot by 18 foot metal building that has 10 foot high walls with a gabled roof and a rollup door on the back. I had a sectional garage door installed on the front after the metal building crew was finished (more about this on the how to install a garage door page).

I took a bunch of pictures of the building going up so you could review the process. Prior to this installation I did not have a clear picture of how metal buildings were put together so I thought it would be a good idea to share the process so you could have a good understanding.

Below you will find a pictorial overview of the metal building construction process:

Metal Building Pad Prior to the Metal Building being constructed I built a pad with washout concrete and limestone mixed together.

I bought the materials from a local dirt yard and had the mixture spread and packed with a tractor. It hardens and makes an all weather surface after it is wet a few times with rain.

The good thing about this material is it costs a lot less than a concrete slab and it perfect for a utility building. The floor of the building is rough but I am using it to park my boat, pickup truck and tractors.

Metal Building Parts on trailer The Metal Building Installation crew showed up with all the materials on a trailer and built the building in about 5 hours with a 3 man crew. It was amazing how fast it went up. It became obvious to me that they had done this many times

Metal Building Frame After the crew unloaded the trailer they assembled the frame to install the metal paneling on. They started with two runners on each side on the ground and then added the uprights that look like ribs.

The framing is attached to the ground with long rebar anchors that they drove into the ground. Later I poured concrete around the anchors to add additional strength. I did not want the building to blow away in high winds. The metal building has a 90 MPH wind rating but you need to securely fasten it to the pad.

Metal Building Roof Panels Being Installed When they had finished the metal framing the crew then started installing the roof sheets.

The metal sheeting on the whole building is 24 guage coated metal. I was pleased to see that the sheeting was strong enought to support the weight of the installer on the roof.

The installers used all galvanized screws with rubber washes to prevent leaking and silicon sealed the roof joints. I have been through a couple of good rains since the instalation and have no water leaks.

Metal Building Sides and back being added When the roof was finished they moved on to the back and the sides. They laped each new piece of metal under the other piece so water would not enter the building. Each piece of metal was screwed into each metal framing beam making the building rigid and strong.

Metal Building Sides and back being added The installers added a rollup grarge door to the back of the building. The door is hung on the inside of the builing above the door and locks from the outside. I wanted a door on the back so I could pull my tractor and other equipment out without moving everything in the front of the building.

Metal Building Sides and back being added This is a picture of the back of the building after they were finished.

Metal Building Sides and back being added This is a picture of the front of the building after they were finshed. I had the front of the building framed in and added a garage door later. Details are on the How to Install a Garage Door page.

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