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Materials List
Home Building Materials List, The "Ask George" Files Materials List
From: Stephanie

We are looking to build our second home. The first one that we built we went the turn key way, things went great but this time we would like to contract it ourselves to try to save money. We hope that you really can save like everyone is telling us. The house plan that we have picked out does not come with a material list. Do we need that or how do we go about getting the materials that are needed when it comes to that? I have printed your step by step plan out to help us better understand what steps comes when. What other helping advise do you have that we may need? Thanks allot.


Hello Stephanie,

The bulk of your materials will be supplied by a building materials company. Have a look at this page step 5 Build Your Own Home Home Building Cost . Make sure you get a detailed list of materials. They will print out every item that your plans call for to build your house. This is a free service. They do this to get your business.

Get at least three bids from different suppliers on your materials and compare. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The building materials company will assign you a rep. and he or she will help you understand their bid. When we got our bids back on materials the company I really wanted to buy materials from the supplier that was higher than the others. I went to the rep and asked him if he could do better on the bid. They dropped the bid and I did business with the rep and the company I wanted to. The key is ask for better pricing and you may be surprised.

The building material suppliers in your area will probably be different than in my area so take your time and find the ones that the big builders use. You can find them several ways. Call the BBB or Chamber of Commerce and ask in your area or go to an area that many new houses are being built and look at the trucks that are delivering the materials (wood, siding etc..)and look at the sign on the truck and call them up.

Read thru the pages on my site I have been putting pages up for some time that I am sure will help answer many of your questions. Also have a look at back issues of the newsletter it has some tips that will help. Here is a link Build Your Own Home Newsletter Back Issues .

One last thing all your materials don't come from one supplier. Most of the heavy materials like framing lumber and siding will come from the main suppliers like Bison, Home lumber etc... . Many of these suppliers will also supply windows and doors but you need to get bids from companies that supply them specifically. Have a look at these pages for more info. Build Your Own Home,House WindowsBuild Your Own Home, Doors .

Take the whole process one step at a time and figure out each step. Who is going to supply the materials and who is going to install them. Keep good records and take your time.

I get emails all the time from people that have finished their houses. You can Build Your Own Home.

Hope this helps,

Materials List
Home Building, Materials List, The "Ask George" Files Materials List

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