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The kitchen is very important to me….I love to cook and see my family happy at meal time……

I also wanted a different kind of kitchen in this house and decided to think outside of the box when it came to colors and kitchen decorating themes.


Kitchen Decorating

I went down to the home centers and noticed how much kitchen cabinets were described as “kitchen furniture” with a hefty price tag to boot. I wanted that upscale look without the inflated price tag. I also wanted strong cabinets that would last, which meant site built cabinets, which were made with real wood, not particle board and glue.

Although I have never been to Italy, I love the look of the Tuscan countryside and Italian style colors and embellishments on fine kitchen furniture. So I wondered what I could do to emulate that feel and look on a budget.

I knew already that I didn’t want the builders had always given me: tract house oak with ordinary oak stain, with small drawers and cookie cutter fronts. I didn’t want what a million other people had! Boring! This was our dream house and I wanted it to be special…unique. I also wanted my kitchen decorating to be warm and inviting, not contrived and plastic. The kind of kitchen people walked into, and don’t want to leave.

I know that the color of the stain on cabinets does not normally spring into mind when you think of kitchen decorating, but believe me… it sets the tone for the whole room. I wanted something warm and chose a Tuscan cream color for my cabinets set against black appliances, and black metal swirl doorknobs.

Kitchen Decorating

My husband and I love vineyards, so we wanted the look of grape vines swirling around the crown of the room as though they were growing up there. (Nobody knows that we didn’t have the budget to place crown molding up there, so we put up the wide wallpaper border instead.) As it turns out, there is a faint Tuscan cream color in the grapevine border that matches the cabinets perfectly. I have had so many people tell me the look is really upscale.

We took existing breakfast chairs and recovered with a high grade, matching upholstery fabric that I found on a discontinued pile at the fabric shop.

Kitchen Decorating

Our trim carpenter was a really neat guy that was more into building rock sturdy cabinetry versus applying fancy embellishments, so I helped out by staining trim pieces that I found at the trim wood store where we bought all of our trim woodwork. I applied these fancy embellishments to my kitchen cabinetry with a tube of wood glue and most people think that our trim carpenter custom routed these pieces, when in fact they came pre-cut. They add a touch of elegance to my site built cabinets.

Kitchen Decorating

Also, I always wanted glass fronts on the upper cabinet doors and because we built our own home we were able to finally get what WE wanted. I chose an antique looking seed glass, which was quite inexpensive, from the same people who installed our shower doors. And for no extra money, the glass company installer installed my kitchen cabinet glass with clear silicon glue. (Make sure you tell your trim carpenter that you are installing glass in your cabinets so that he can route the indention for it.)

I am truly thrilled with my kitchen cabinets (and the whole kitchen) for the first time in my life! Extra wide drawers, heavy hardware and slides, lots of storage shelves, both top and bottom, deep shelves, etc. No builder ever came close to giving me what I wanted in my kitchen…. there was always some excuse and objection to my plans. I am so grateful that we decided to build our own home!

Kitchen Decorating

Oh, and before I forget, you can really save money on kitchen flooring if you shop at one of those discount tile outlets versus your general home center. And if you are willing to put up with a lot of dust and dirt (as I was) go in the back to the discontinued area and pick up gorgeous porcelain tiles (with the color through and through instead of just the surface) for your kitchen decorating flooring. Mine resembles expensive travertine stone, but it’s really porcelain ceramic tile. It goes along well with the Tuscan feel of the kitchen and you feel like you should see someone pulling out a pizza from a fire-baked hearth, instead of a modern kitchen. It is a stone gray color that doesn’t show dirt with a slate gray grout. I love it! No builder ever gave me such a beautiful floor to be so proud of! Our wishes/preferences were the LAST thing on their list, if they made the list at all!

Go to Curtains to find out what I did for the curtains in the breakfast area. I am pleased as punch!

Kitchen DecoratingKitchen Decorating Kitchen DecoratingKitchen Decorating

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