Interior Painting
What You Need to Know

Now we are going to talk a little about interior painting. We covered some important house painting tips on the exterior painting page. I want to move on with a few tips on painting the insdie of your home.


We have already discussed the importance of having the right tools. I sent you to to buy a good airless painter or of course you can rent one.

We also talked about making sure you have enough time to do the exterior or interior painting yourself. I choose to do it myself partly because of poor planning (I talked about this on the house painting page) and partly because I knew how. The one thing I had forgotten was the great effort and time involved. Remember, I painted with a crew when I was in college, now it was up to me and my faithful wife.

Interior painting is a whole different ballgame than exterior painting. When you paint outside you can really move quickly with the exception of trim and such. When you are painting the interior you have many more considerations. All the trim, stair rails, molding, and cabinets have different finishes. Some are stained and some are painted. This of course is totally dependent upon you and your planning. Typically exterior painting is much cheaper than interior painting per square foot.

To keep from rambling for days about interior painting I am going to make a list of Tips for you to review:

  1. My wife did an excellent job of picking all the stains and paint colors that we used. I then estimated the amount of materials and bought them. Make sure you buy from a reputable source so you can return what you don’t use. Please remember to buy quality products. Cheaper paint just does not hold up.

  2. One very good thing about doing your own interior painting is you can pre-paint trim, molding and cabinets prior to installation. Once the Trim Carpenters install the items you go back and caulk and finish coat. This method is much easier than painting raw wood that is already installed.

  3. Work with your trim carpenter and pre-stain and finish all your cabinets prior to installation. This will save you a ton of work.

  4. Paint and finish everything before you put any flooring, carpet or wall covering up. We primed and finished all the rooms including ceilings prior to electrician trim out (putting on the wall and switch plates and lights) and plumbing top out (installing the fixtures, toilets, tubes etc.). This makes painting easier and faster and a whole lot neater!

    I want to leave you with one last thought about interior painting. Be sure you have the stamina and the fortitude to take on a project of this magnitude. You need to stay ahead of the contractors and work closely with you trim carpenter. You do not want to hold up the building process. In the long run it may be cheaper to hire a pro to do your interior painting.

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