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Home Lighting really is an important consideration when building your own home. Many people wait to late in the building process before making important decisions about lighting. This causes them to default to whatever is on the plans.
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Home Lighting
Home Lighting

You really need to start thinking about lighting when you are reviewing house plans. Each homeowner has different lighting wants and needs and prefers different schemes.

On this page I hope to give you some ideas that will help you choose the right lighting for you and your family.

House Lighting / What is best for My House?

I am assuming that you have your house plans if not go to the house plans page and go shopping.

I want you to look at your plans very carefully room by room. Imagine what you and your family will do in each room and what your lighting needs may be. Will you use the room as an office? If it is your bedroom do you like extra light by your bed to read at night? Will the room be a hobby room and need extra light?

Take your time and follow this exercise for your entire house to be. Remember the plans were drawn up for everybody, and you and your family are different (I mean that in a nice way).

One more thing that you need to consider if you are building in the south especially is ceiling fans. Many times the plans call for a ceiling fan in the great room and the bedrooms. It is common for the plans to show a wiring loop for the fan with a light and that is all. Oh, by the way I have a special page built just for ceiling fans if you want to go have a look.

Now that you have a good idea what home lighting you will need and where they will be located, we need to discuss what style home lighting you will install in your home.

Home Lighting / What are the Choices?

Home Lighting Home Lighting can be very expensive if you don’t do a little shopping and planning. 

It is a really great idea to spend your money on Home Lighting that add beauty and make a statement. Let’s take a bedroom for instance. The usual layout for lighting is to put one light in the middle of the room and have a couple of lamps. We took a little different approach; we put in ceiling fans and can lights. The fan and the light kit on the fan are the eye catcher and the can lights give all the light you ever need in the room. We spaced the can lights evenly using four in each bedroom and six in out master bedroom.

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