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Hello…Michaela here…. Nice to meet you….

George said that I could say a few words….FINALLY!!!

I suppose the purpose of my pages is to tell you what I learned about home decorating while in our “build your own home” project.

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Home Decorating
You see from a woman’s point of view, home decorating is what makes a home. Now, I know that my husband’s focus was to build us a really strong house, and that was REALLY important, BUT… home decorating is the icing on the cake…and the thing that really makes a house a home…a haven that is warm and inviting….

So, after much toil, and money stretching…I found ways to make our house look outstanding on a budget…and believe me…. THERE IS A BIG BAD BUDGET when your build your own home. You just can’t throw caution to the wind and spend…spend…spend…at least we couldn’t. But this was my dream home…and I wanted it perfect! I had to look for ways to save money and still get the look I wanted, and everybody that comes to our house says that I succeeded! I guess I am pretty proud of the fact that we went ahead and decided to build our own home AND handle our own home decorating. And, I guess you know by now that George and I like to save money and do things ourselves! You can too!

George is a great guy…. but when we met, he was eating off of paper plates and couldn’t care a flip about having real dishes in the cabinet, or curtains on the windows. He had ONE coffee mug and the way he figured it…that was plenty good enough! If there was something to eat…ANYTHING…he was happy. Days old, cold pizza…dried out beans…still in the pot…. uncovered in the fridge…well, you get the picture! He had never really nested before…but he sure has taken a shine to it! And this house is the finest nest that we have ever had, and we built it ourselves! How cool is that?

But…like most women…. it was up to me to feather our nest with home decorating.

To make this easy, I have broken down what I came to know into simple categories. Look below for the links to all of my home decorating pages.
Home DecoratingHome Decorating Home DecoratingHome Decorating

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