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Home Building Legal Issues
Home Building Legal Issues, The "Ask George" Files Home Building Legal Issues
From Connie:

Hi George, I just read your newsletter and I too am in that boat of not having high speed and needing it for my job. Satellite is not compatible with the job that I do. We built three years ago (through a builder) and we are going to do it right this time, and move to an area that has broadband. A question I have is about the legal contracts. I had found the legal contract page and you had mentioned adding a penalty for work that is not done on time. How was this worded in your contract? 1%, 5%, 10% ? for every day lost. My husband is very concerned that someone will start the job and leave before finished, so we want that in our contract.


Hello Connie,

I would strongly encourage you to find an attorney that deals with building contracts in your area. Each area has it's own legal requirements. If you have a personal attorney he or she can point you in the right direction.

Even with an iron clad contract you can have problems with contractors. Read the building contractor page it covers some issues you need to think about. Here is a link Build Your Own Home Building Contractor page.

You husband is right to be concerned about the contractors finishing. The best way to get them to finish is hold back a large portion of the money until they are finished. This is paramount, no matter how much they plead for extra cash before completion make sure you have enough money left to keep them coming back until they finish to get it. This one rule will save you mountains of grief.

Hope this helps,

Home Building Legal Issues
Home Building Legal Issues, The "Ask George" Files Home Building Legal Issues
From Nichole:

We have loved your website and are starting our own build your own home journey. You talk allot about having contracts, but we haven't seen any examples. Do you have copies of contractor contracts and lien waiver forms available on your website?


Hello Niccole,

I am glad to hear Build Your Own Home is helping. You need to find a good Lawyer in your area that is familiar with the laws in your area. The legal documents I used may not be adequate for your area.

You can use a service that I have listed on Build Your Own Home Legal Page to help you find a Lawyer in your area. Here is a link to it Legal Match. I used a local Lawyer that was accustomed to dealing with contracts and contractors.

You can also find you legal forms at Legal Zoom Legal Forms. They have thousands of contracts and legal documents for just about every area of the country.

Hope this helps,

George Stevens
Home Building Legal Issues
Home Building Legal Issues, The "Ask George" Files Home Building Legal Issues

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