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Home Alarm System
Home Alarm System, The "Ask George" Files Home Alarm System
From Angi:

My husband and I are currently building, and have used a lot of your information, so Thank you. I do have a question,though. I am researching home alarm systems, and was wondering if you could guide me to a specific system. I am not finding a system for the price you mentioned. Could you please let me know which system you used, and how do you like it?

I can find a system in the same price range, but by the time I add on all the sensors and the wiring, it really adds up.

Thank you!


Hello Angi,

I installed a DSC system. On the house prior to this I installed a Moose system but they were bought out and no longer exist. The Moose system was my favorite.

I do like the DSC system it is easy to operate and has proved to be very dependable.

The DSC systems are very popular in the building market so you should not have any problem finding a supplier.

A couple of tips. Most of the time the installer will provide the window, door switches and wire. You will need to provide the motion sensors, fire sensors, glass break sensors etc.

If you are having the system monitored a local alarm company will deal on the install and the equipment to get the monitoring contract. If you are not getting monitoring you need to buy the equipment yourself because they will usually  try and skin you on the cost.

Hope this helps,

Happy New Year,

Home Alarm System
Home Alarm System, The "Ask George" Files Home Alarm System

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