Hardie Board Siding

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Hardie Board Siding
Hardie Board, The "Ask George" Files Hardie Board Siding
From Macel:

Enjoyed your website. I am looking at re-siding my house and am interested in using the Hardie Board. That's how I got to your website. I'm hoping we'll be able to do the install ourselves but wanted your opinion on that. I'm thinking you hired someone to install your siding. So....if you get time, email and let me know what you think about that? I'm wanting to do it in stages. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Hello Macel,

Sorry it took so long to respond. I answer every e mail and sometimes I get backed up.

I don't know how skilled you are at installing siding. Hardie Board is different than standard siding. It requires some special attention. You need to use a nail gun that has nails that are for Hardie Board. They have a larger head and are designed not to split the boards.

Hardie board is essentially concrete and is brittle so you will need a good helper to help you do the install. You will also need to use a power saw blade designed for Hardie Board. I believe they have diamond chips in them similar to a tile saw.

Take a trip to your local Home Center and ask them to show you the proper nails and saw blades. Also get several bids on your siding you will be surprised what you can save with a little research.

I would have installed my own but time was an issue. I watched them install it and it was not that difficult.

Hope this helps,

Hardie Board Siding
Hardie Board Siding, The "Ask George" Files Hardie Board Siding
From Sherie:


On your site you say that you used Hardie Board for your siding. You said it was great except for it's brittleness. My question: how brittle is it? My husband heard that hitting the wall with a ball can crack it. Is this true?


Hello Sherie,

Hardie board is brittle if you try to bend it. For instance if you pick a piece of it up from one end and don't support the other end it will break. Once it is installed it is really tough. It is much tougher than regular siding.

You may want to take a trip to you building center and look at it. It is a very durable product.

Hope this helps,

George Stevens
Hardie Board Siding
Hardie Board Siding, The "Ask George" Files Hardie Board Siding

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