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Granite Kitchen Countertop a little background:

When building your new home or remodeling, your kitchen is one of the most important considerations, and when planning your kitchen the countertops are an important aspect of kitchen design.

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We spent considerable time investigating our options and decided install a granite kitchen countertop. Our considerations included price, durability and most importantly, we really liked the idea of having granite on our kitchen countertops.
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From the very beginning of our home building project we dreamed of having granite kitchen countertops but thought that granite countertops would be far too expensive. As I have mentioned many times in this website, never assume anything. 

Fortunately, my wife was determined to get a good deal on granite kitchen countertops and would not give up until she got the price and quality that we wanted.
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She had been to the home centers and kitchen showcases, and frankly the prices were almost double as compared to what we wanted to spend. This did not deter her at all. She kept digging for as better deal and found a granite countertop company that primarily installed restaurants granite countertops in large volume.
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My wife inquired if they would consider installing granite on our kitchen countertops and they said only if they had an overrun on a job they were doing. Ah Hah…she had found the magic loophole! She promptly took her kitchen design to them and looked at what they had in leftover overruns.
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Our Granite countertop company's building was a simple warehouse with no showroom. No fanfare, no fancy brochures or showcase, just a building full off beautiful granite. Perfect for our granite kitchen countertop. You see the company dealt with huge quantities and all we wanted was what they had left over from a big job. We really did not care if they had a beautiful showroom, or not.
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After spending some time in their granite warehouse we found a bold, beautiful black 3 centimeter granite overrun that had mother of pearl flecks throughout the stone. Gorgeous! And there was enough material for our kitchen countertops. (Granite kitchen countertops come in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness. You can also have a bull nose trim added to the edge. This of course adds to the price considerably. We decided to go with a solid 3 cm and not put a bull nose trim on it. The whole surface on the countertop is solid pieces, not glued on edging. The edges wrap over beautifully with no seam.)

We choose the lot that we wanted and the company sent out a rep to measure our job. Then they cut the pieces and then installed the granite kitchen countertops in our kitchen.
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If you have the time, patience and determination you can find a good deal on granite kitchen countertops. The whole process took a couple of weeks start to finish and we had to fit into the granite companies schedule because we were not the source of their primary business. But we both won because they had leftover stock that was gathering dust and we found exactly what we wanted at the price we could afford.

They fit us into their schedule and we had to make allowances in our schedule when they were available. But for those allowances we saved almost 50%. They got rid of an odd lot of granite and we got beautiful granite kitchen countertops. Everybody won in the end!
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