Exterior Painting
What You Need to Know

On this page I want to cover Exterior Painting and some important considerations that you may overlook. I learned some of these lessons the hard way. That is why I put up these pages, so you don’t have to!

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Exterior Painting First we need to discuss whether you are going to contract the exterior painting out, or do it yourself. If you are going to contract it out, go to the build contractor page and find a good painting contractor. If you missed my explanation of my oversight in choosing one early go to the house painting page and read about it.

If you decide to do your own exterior painting on your home you need to consider a few things:

Do I Have the Time

I know you are thinking how much time could it take to do the exterior painting on my new home? I could save several thousand dollars doing it myself why wouldn’t I ? It will only take a couple of days how hard could it be?

If you have a construction loan remember the old interest clock is ticking and you are running out of time. It took a pro about three (3) days to paint the outside of my house and they did a great job. Now you are probably thinking if they could do it in three days I certainly could do it in a couple of weekends and bank all that cash!

The painters have all the equipment to do the job and do it right now. They showed up with 2 airless paint rigs ladders and a crew of 4 people that knew what they were doing.

I don’t want to discourage you here, but you also need a reality check. If you are like me you are working full time and you can’t just take off at a whim. If you are serious about doing this I have some advice for you. What qualifies me you ask? You might say I painted my way thru college. I worked with a professional paint crew to pay my way thru school.

If you are set on doing it yourself Buy (or rent) the right tools for the job. Don’t mess around with Mickey Mouse equipment get the right tools to get it done. Buy or rent a good high pressure airless painter. The kind that sucks right out of a 5 gallon can and lays down paint like a pro. Nothing is worse than painting a huge area with a roller or a airless painter that you have to refill every 5 minutes. Exterior Painting A great place to find good deals on airless sprayers for your exterior painting, and a variety of tools is Northerntool.com. You can save yourself a considerable amount on your airless sprayer and save yourself a huge amount of time painting.

One more thing; I suggest you buy an airless sprayer for your exterior painting. The reason for this is simple. You can buy one for under $300 dollars and use it over and over. If you rent one you are going to pay around $30 per day and be under pressure to get it back on time. If you buy an airless painter you can use it to do your exterior painting and your interior painting.

Also make sure you buy at least 100 foot of hose. It is much easier to paint if you are not going up and down the ladder all the time moving the painter around. I think it is wise to rent scaffolding and your big ladders to do the high stuff because they are really expensive and unless you do this for a living you won’t use them that often.

Buy quality Brushes, Rollers etc.. Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap brushes and rollers, they just don’t hold up and you wind up spending twice as much replacing them. You can use the same brushes and rollers for the inside if you are using the same type of paint (latex or oil base). You will of course need some cheap brushes for staining that you can discard after a few uses.

Buy High Quality Paint This is so important! All Paint is not created equal. Especially on the exterior of your home. Buy a real high quality paint like Sherwin Williams Super Paint. Believe me the stuff is expensive but it will hold up for many years to come. The cost of replace paint after a few years is far greater than the difference in cost of quality paint.

Let me leave you with one last tip. You may have noticed in the pictures that when we had the exterior painting done we did not have the roofing shingles on yet. The reason we painted prior to putting our shingles on was to keep the over spray from getting on the shingles. As good as the painters may be, if they make one slip you have an ugly spot on the roof.

If you want to read about my adventures in interior painting go have a look.

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