Driveway Materials

Using the proper driveway materials is essential in getting the results you want when building a road or a driveway. As I mentioned on the driveway page we ran into considerable problems with the weather when we started building because we did not have our driveway built before we had significant rain. With this in mind I would like to share another little project with you that will give you a good idea on how to build an all weather driveway / road for any purpose using the right driveway materials.


The key to a good road or driveway is the materials it is built on and the drainage. When we were getting started building our home my septic installer gave me some good advice on driveway materials to use in wet conditions. He suggested I use wash out concrete or crushed concrete. Wash out or crushed concrete is the leftover concrete that they wash out of the concrete trucks after making a delivery. Most people do not want them washing out their trucks on the building site so they go to a local dirt yard or another designated site and wash out their trucks. The wash out is then crushed up and you can buy it by the truck load.

I recently built a driveway for my RV that is simply wash out concrete spread and packed with a tractor. I have a pictorial overview of the process below.

Driveway Materials

This is what we started with, just raw ground. We had the culvert put in by the county 2 months earlier.

Driveway Materials

The Wash Out Concrete was brought in 10 yard loads. You can not see it here but the truck was making ruts in the ground a foot deep. The ground is very soft in this area.

Driveway Materials

We brought in 2 loads of Wash Out and had a tractor with a grader box spread it evenly.

Driveway Materials

This is the finished Driveway or road that I parked my camper on. After a good rain the wash out concrete will set up and make a good solid road. It will remain pourous and drain water but will harden. The great part about it is it can also be moved later if you decide to change the road.

Driveway Materials

After the wash out concrete was spread I wet it with a water hose and let it dry for a couple of days. I then backed my camper on the road I had just built. A good cheap solid road that drains.

We used wash out concrete as the base for our main driveway on our house and after it settled and hardened we poured a concrete driveway over it.

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