Decorating a New Home

Tips for Decorating a New Home

I know when you think about building your own home all sorts of ideas come to your mind….

Some of your ideas are brand new and some are old that have been rattling around in your head for some time. This is the stuff dreams are made of, and what is life without dreams?

It’s hard not to want to have all of your home decorating items, brand new, for your new home, but that’s not realistic.


Decorating a New Home Decorating a New Home

When it comes to decorating a new home, your logic tells you that you have to make do with most of your existing furniture, knick-knacks, lamps, pictures, etc. Oh, sure, you will make a change or two, but all in all, you can’t afford to just give everything away and start over. Who can afford to do that? We just have to make do. But HOW we do it, is the key.

And besides, we get attached to our stuff because they often mark a place in time that registers as a fond memory along the way…. a shopping event, or something that we shared with the people we love. That’s why it makes us so sad inside to witness other people lose their home and belongings in a storm, or fire. What really affects us is to know inside that these poor victims didn’t just lose material things, but also lost fond memories that those items represented. That’s what makes us cry…and causes us to open up our checkbooks to help them…. we know that it could be us suffering like that…. our stuff is more than material things…so we like to hold on…. and when we lose our stuff it makes us incredibly sad…. to see it all torn up and destroyed….

When it comes to decorating a new home, we bring with us, the not so new, the somewhat worn, and favorite lamps, pictures, favorite curtains, vases, furniture, you know the things that mean something to us.

Examples of Old Things Made New

Decorating a New Home Decorating a New Home

The key is to blend all of those good memory things into something brand new. Haven’t you ever noticed that just moving a picture from one room to the next makes it look all new? Maybe it’s the different light, or the placement on the wall…that makes it look new, all over again, like when you first bought it. You will find the same is true when decorating a new home. The old looks new again.

Here are a few quick starting tips:

  1. Get yourself a legal size clipboard and a legal size pad.

  2. Go around your existing house, or apartment and take a quick inventory on your present home decorating that appeals to you.

  3. Make a note of the colors, furniture, curtains, pictures, etc. that appeal to you.

  4. Take your time…be honest…if you really don’t like something now, be brave enough not to repeat the same mistake when decorating your new home.
  5. Now make a list of the things that you think will not fit, or belong in your new home. Don’t give anything away just yet…you will be surprised at how refreshed your decorating items look in your new home. Those decorating items may take on a new look, so don’t be hasty…just yet. Wait until after you finish your new home to walk around and make your decision about what to discard, and what to keep. This list is a MAYBE list, so don’t make a final decision…just yet…. wait…You may be pleasantly surprised as to what you can do with much of your existing home decorating items.

Decorating a New Home Decorating a New Home Decorating a New HomeDecorating a New Home

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