Curtains for Your Home

Curtains, or drapes as they are otherwise known, are dressings for your windows.

Curtains have come a long way from merely dressing up windows to being a true fashion statement. It is not an exaggeration to say that one could spend a fortune decorating a new home with them, and other window treatments.


Curtains Curtains

If you have spent any time coordinating your present home with expensive curtains to match your home decorating theme, then it may be wise to substitute your present curtains with less expensive options. We did this on the last house we sold, and we are sure glad we did. You don’t get any more for your really nice drapes, and if you do it carefully, then substituting less expensive curtains will cause you get as much for your house as you would have ordinarily. At our previous home, the new homeowner had plans, anyway, to decorate according to her own tastes. So we would have merely lost our investment in our drapes since the new owner had different color preferences.

As to paint: the reason I always like to paint interior walls a muted beige color is that it allows me to match virtually any color against this subdued background. And if we decide to ever sell our home, this wall color works with virtually any other color scheme that the new owner may wish to match. Resale should be your constant thought, too, when you decide to build your own home. One never knows….

One troubling aspect of installing curtains is that you have to be careful with sheetrock, which is quite fragile. A good solution to this problem (which is better than sheetrock anchors) is to have your framing carpenter install 2X4s directly over and around your windows to allow you to screw into solid wood, instead of sheetrock. You must put this on your list because it must be done PRIOR to sheet rocking. It makes installing curtain rods and metal drapery hold backs with a breeze. AND, it is so cheap to do!

Curtains I chose to use my prior living room drapes in my new kitchen because they pulled out the sage green from the grapevine border that circles the upper wall of the kitchen. And each day, I pull back the crinkled fabric to reveal our rear deck, landscaping and cedar spa house. I complement this sage green with multi-colored panels that I used from another area of my prior home to pull out the purple accent color of the grapes and added more light purple panels that I picked up at a local mass marketer for $9 apiece. I have received a lot of compliments on this “wall” of curtains because of the way these light, silky fabrics pull out the colors of the grapevines.

Curtains I had my old burgundy drapes dry-cleaned, and refurnished their look in my living room by installing two crushed velvet, embroidered valances above them. I bought the crushed velvet valances from the local home center for $18 apiece and these little jewels are a perfect match! I also found in my mother’s attic, a set of gold, embroidered rose mesh panels that I placed between each drapery panel to accentuate the gold crushed velvet in the valance topper. My mother said that she didn’t pay much for them, but they sure look expensive and I guess that’s the key.

The best advice that I can tell you about having beautiful curtains in your home, is think outside of the box. Don’t say, “Oh, what am I looking at that for? That’s for a bedroom!” No! No! Think outside of the box!

If you are thinking about building your own home, you are already inclined to do this. When you see a good value in a curtain, and it’s something that really catches your eye, pay attention. This is the creative force within you that is leading you to create something that is uniquely your idea. This is the main reason I believe in handling your own home decorating. Each person has a unique, special perspective toward creativity, whether they believe it, or not. It’s just a matter of confidence. Dare to be yourself! Aren’t we all just a bit tired of the cookie cutter house?

Have confidence in yourself…remember this your home…. and not some stranger’s. Don’t think that it’s impossible to “re-cycle” some of your existing resources into new uses! What is old, can look new again, in a new home!

Prior to your home being fully constructed, invest in a few magazines. Begin to get a feel as to what YOU really like. You will see ideas and themes that strike a chord. For most people this is the first time that they have had the chance to dream…. to design…to create…Enjoy!

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