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When we built our home we wanted custom ceramic and marble tile bathroom showers. We installed a total of three showers one in our master bathroom, one in the upstairs bathroom and one downstairs for guests.
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Bathroom Showers Bathroom Showers

Don't Pay Retail for Your Bathroom Showers Ceramic Tile or Marble

Shop for your tile or marble in the odd lots or closeout section of the Tile Store. We bought quality ceramic tile and marble for our showers at very low prices this way. You do not need large quintiles of tile for a bath shower this makes odd lots or closeouts ideal.

We learned some very good lessons that I would like to pass on.

  • Make sure you use non sanded grout for your tile and marble. It is less attractive but will help prevent leaks.

  • If you do use sanded grout seal it thoroughly and be prepared to reseal it periodically.

  • Ideally all your horizontal surfaces should freely drain water. Standing water will find a way to leak if everything is not totally sealed.

  • Use backer board rated for wet installation in your shower stall not green board sheet rock. Green board sheet rock was used widely for many years in wet installations but is no longer approved for wet applications. If you have a leak the green board sheet rock will deteriorate.

  • Make certain either your plumber or your ceramic tile installer agree to install your shower pan. The shower pan is a neoprene rubber liner that goes under the shower to ensure if your tile leaks it is directed to the drain. A good explanation of a shower pan installation can be found at The Taunton Press. There seemed to be some confusion when we built our home who was responsible for the installation of the shower pan.

Pricing for the installation of ceramic tile for your bath showers is not cheap. I was shocked at the price tag for the installation. After seeing how much detail work and tile cutting and grouting that was involved I understood why! The same contractor that installed our floor tile did our bath showers. This is not always the case some of the ceramic tile contractors that we contacted for bids did not do bathroom showers.

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