Automatic Gate Opener

When we built our home one of the items that I wanted was an automatic gate opener. We fenced our property, and had a gate installed, then installed the gate opener.


automatic gate opener, gate opener

automatic gate opener, gate opener

Several things should be considered when choosing and installing your gate opener.

Type of Power Source

Gate openers are powered by 12 volt DC power. This makes it very convenient because you can use a 12 volt car battery to power the unit. The battery must be charged periodically or continuously.

It is not very practical to take the battery out and charge it at the house when it gets low, but you could if you wanted to. Normally you run 110 volt AC power source to the Gate Opener, and install a battery maintainer to keep the battery a peek charge all the time.

The manufacturer of the Gate Opener will supply a battery maintainer or you can pick one up at a hardware store or Wal-mart. Make sure you use a battery maintainer not a charger. The key difference is a maintainer will shut off when it reaches proper voltage and a charger will keep charging at a low rate. A charger will eventually boil out all the water in your battery and ruin it.

The second practical option is a solar charger panel that will keep the battery charged. This is the way to go if it is not practical to run 110 volt AC to the Automatic Gate Opener.

Automatic Gate Opener Controllers

Another consideration when installing an automatic gate opener is how are you going to control the opening and closing.

There are several options including a simple remote control that you press to open and close the gate. This works very well for you and the family just give everybody a remote to put in the car. But what happens when someone comes to visit?

This is where the options get pricey if you are not careful and do your homework. Several intercom systems are available but can run into significant dollars.

We installed a DoorBell Fon system. It allows an individual to pull up to the gate and push a button on a call box. The DoorBell Fon then rings the phone in the house with a distinctive ring and we pick it up. We can then communicate with the individual in the car thru our phone. Then all you have to do is press the star key on the phone and viola the gate opens up.

The combination of a remote in our car and the DoorBell Fon system gives us all the control we need over our Gate Opener.

I have included a couple of pictures of the DoorBell Fon system below. It is relatively easy to install. It wires right into your phone lines. You do have to run a pair of control wires to your gate. I just put a Phone wire in my conduit that I ran the 110-volt AC.

Did I mention the DorrBell Fon also is utilized as a outdoor intercom for you door. It works the same way as the Automatic Gate Opener. The visitor just walks up pushes the button and it rings the phone with a distinctive ring, and you pick up the phone and talk to them.

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