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Build Your Own Home, Issue #030, New House Building Page is Up
May 05, 2011

As promised I have added a page about our new house building. I decided to put up an overall house construction page that shows the process soup to nuts. From road building to completion of the whole project.

Since writing the pages is time consuming and I have a regular job like most of you, I am going to have to do this in stages.

This installment is about the road we put in and the tie in to the county road.

I will add to the page and send you another note to let you know when their is more information to look at.

I will also tweet when more is up so follow me on Twitter. There is a link below for you to add me to your account. If you don't have one it is easy to sign up. I know you guys out there may feel weird about tweeting, but I am sure the ladies don't mind, after all I do and build stuff too!

Ok, here is a link to the new page. New Build Your Own House Page

Nothing earth shattering but we sure are excited about building a new house. 

Thanks for reading.

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I am now on Twitter. I use Twitter to update you with new additions to Build Your Own Home.

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And Always Remember:
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Happy Home Building,

George, from Build Your Own Home.

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