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Build Your Own Home, Issue #021, Built In Home Security
June 30, 2006

Built in Home Security

This month’s newsletter is about built in home security. Build Your Own Home has a page on Home Alarm Systems that explains built in alarm systems and considerations. In this article, I would like to discuss features and items that you can build into your house and property to help protect your investment from intrusion and offer you as much peace of mind at the lowest cost to you.

I am going to list a few Home Security items for your consideration:

  • Try not to create any blind spots on your property, especially near your home’s entrances or windows. The more visible the better. Those that wish to do mischief, or would be thieves or vandals, don’t like to be seen… so they like high bushes and camouflage.

  • Install landscaping lighting around the perimeter of your home. After dark, you will appreciate walking around outside after dark with the grounds softly lit, instead of pitch black. It also adds a nice, soft look to your home and landscaping.

  • It is very inexpensive for your electrician to add floods to your house during construction. The fixtures are cheap and trust me… you don’t want to run wire later in the attic. Make sure you install an adequate number of floodlights because you will use them! We really use ours… and we have twelve sets!

  • Install low voltage lighting that illuminates the entrances to your home. This is very convenient and offers security lighting when you enter your house after dark. You don’t have to fumble in the dark for your door keys!

  • Install garage door openers so you can enter your garage and close the door behind you. Choose a garage door opener that automatically turns on a light when you drive in thereby illuminating the garage as you step out of your car. You will feel safer than walking thru a crowded garage in the dark.

  • Install good quality door locks and dead bolts on every door on your home. The cost is nominal but may make a big difference. Choose locking deadbolts that require a key on both side, not the latch kind. (A thief can cut a small hole in the door and unlatch the door and walk in. Not so if a key is required to unlock the deadbolt.)

  • When you are building your home, use construction locks on your house until it is finished, then change them to your high quality locks when you move in. NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, give ANY keys to any contractor. No matter what… let them in your self. Lock all windows at night to protect the construction contents and cut down on vandalism.

    If you put your good locks on the house they will get damaged so wait until the house is finished to install your good looking locks.

  • Install heavy brass Door jamb reinforcers. You can find them at any home center. They reinforce the area that the door lock and dead bolt engage in the door jamb. It’s tough to kick in a door with reinforced doorjambs. They may still kick in the door but might get a really sore leg in the process.

  • Install a fence and a (electric) gate on your property. This limits the access to your property and allows you to select who visits you. Stops the solicitors and gives you more peace of mind. For more information on our gate opener go to my automatic gate opener page.

  • Keep all of your really good stuff out of sight. I am talking about electronics, guns, motorcycles, tools, jewelry etc… Keep them in locked cabinets, garages etc, not visible thru windows. If they can’t see it they won’t want it. Keep your curtains drawn when you are not at home and at night.

  • Never go to bed at night, or leave your home without fully arming your alarm system. If an intruder dares to make the fatal mistake to enter your home at night to harm your family, you will be ready and waiting for them. (I can’t help it…I am a Texan!) Test your alarm once per month and have it monitored.
This is just a few items that came to mind that may help you protect your family and belongings. Hope it helps you, or just sparks an idea that will. Stay safe!

On another note, our submersible well pump finally gave up the ghost this past week and I dedicated a page to it. Boy did we have fun! You can visit it at How to Work on a Water Well Pump.

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George, from Build Your Own Home.
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