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Build Your Own Home, Issue #028, An Alternative for High Speed Internet
October 01, 2009

Folks first I want to thank you for reading the Build Your Own Home Newsletter and making Build Your Own Home the most popular Owner Builder site on the internet.

OK now on to the topic at hand. I have discussed satellite internet, phone setup and wiring your house for technology on Build Your Own Home. One thing that I have recently discovered is an alternate way to get internet service for those of us that are in rural settings. That would be using a 3G wireless signal. Sounds kind of crazy but trust me it works.

Before you tune out give me a few more minutes to tell you how this works and why I switched my internet service. I have utilized satellite internet service for the past 4 years and the service is better than dialup but not that much better. The reason is the latency in the signal.

Latency in essence is the time it takes the request from your computer to be processed by the host server and the information you requested to be sent back to you. This time is measured in milliseconds. The average latency on a satellite system is 700 to 900 milliseconds.

Why is this so important you ask? Because high latency reeks havoc on streaming video, gaming, Go to My PC, remote computer control, VOIP and any other system that requires quick responses from the host to the requesting computer. Pretty much takes all the fun out of anything you want to do.

We do not have access to DSL, cable or any other broadband internet service so satellite was it. Last month AT&T upgraded their 3G network in our little town and bingo I had a broadband signal on my USB wireless aircard on my laptop. So being the adventurous soul that I am I started searching for a way to network that signal to my entire house.

Long story short I bought a Netgear # MBR624GU 3G Broadband Router and plugged my USB wireless aircard into it and I had a signal I could network though out my house. This started me thinking about all sorts of ways to use my new intenet service now that I had a great broadband internet signal with low latency.

Now I can quit paying a fortune for phone service and use VOIP (voice over internet) internet phone service. I have experimented with a MajicJack and OOMA phone service which both work great with the networked 3G signal.

To be able to telecommute I was paying $210 a month for phone lines. When I finish porting my lines to OOMA my phone bill will go to $0 per month. Yep, you heard right I bought the equipment for $240 dollars for each line and after that no phone bill.

Now I can use Go To My PC or any other remote desktop client to get to my pc in town and my life will be so much better.

I donít want to go on and on about this, but it is a big deal to me to be able to save money and have a good internet connection. Oh and by the way, the cost of the USB aircard was $0 with a 2 year contract and it is costing $60 per month. It does have a 5 gigabyte limit per month, which serves me very well. The satellite was $70 per month and the speed was pathetic.

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