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Build Your Own Home, Issue #005 -- Squirrel Problems.
February 27, 2005

Topic / Squirrel Problems 

Hello and thanks for subscribing to Build Your Own Home. I want to spend a little time and hopefully save some of you some trouble. What I am talking about is Squirrel trouble, the four legged fury kind. Now most of us think the little guys are cute, but I must report my squirrel problems to you, so you can fix the problem before they strike your house!

Earlier today I went out on the back deck and was sipping a cup of coffee with my wife enjoying a sunny spring day. I gazed up at my roof and much to my horror one of my roof jacks had been munched down 4 inches! It is now a nub! Our little 4 legged friend the squirrel has an affinity to chewing up leaded roof jacks and they like it so much that they chew the PVC pipe up with it.

We have just had a ton of rain so I was concerned about the roof leaking. Thank God the squirrel decided to do his damage on a sunny day. Being the anal guy that I am I knew I had to find a solution to this right away. I have 5 more roof jack up there and I want to stop these squirrel problems in their tracks. So I picked up the phone and called the roofer that put on my roof. 

Berny (my roofer) instructed me that if our little friend the varmint had chewed up one roof jack ,then he would definitely move on when he was finished to the other ones. Berny has been in the roofing business for 35 years so I believe him. I then proceeded to ask Berny how to keep this squirrel problem from happening again. He informed me that you need to put silicon sealant around the top edge of the roof jack where it meets the PVC pipe. You see the squirrels don't like silicone and they will leave the roof jacks alone. I then asked Berny why they did not do that when they put the roof on? He said the squirrels don't really do this that often but once they do watch out. It is kind of like Lays potato chips they just can't eat one.

The morale to this story is put a ring of silicone on all the tops of your roof jacks and the squirrels will leave them alone. I am going to have to replace the roof jack and then silicone all the tops to stop this squirrel problem.

On to a new subject. We have put up several new pages since the last newsletter and added some new cool stuff to I will list the new pages below:

  • We have added an RSS feed that keeps you informed of any new pages that we put on Build Your Own Home. If you don't know what RSS is I have put up the What is RSS page to let you know all about it. This is a really cool way to get up to date information on anything without the Spam and the viruses! 

  • We have a New Site Map page that also doubles as a home build steps page. I was getting some feedback form visitors that the site was getting hard to navigate. We also added Google powered search to find anything on the site or the Web.

  • You can now go to our new Home Building Cost page to figure what it will cost you to build your new home. Let me warn you this is no boloney approach. I do not recommend a fast free software that will spit out a number.

  • We have a new Roofing page. This was put up a couple of days ago pre squirrel problems.

  • We added a House Painting page. It actually consists of three pages one on my BoBo in painting, and two on interior and exterior painting.

  • We also added a Propane Tank page to help you answer some of the questions around location, and other issues for you propane tank and other gas needs.

I think that is all the new additions to You can go out and check our New Site Map and cool search capabilities for anything you may have missed.

I would also like to pass on a link to a really useful tool  for designing and laying out anything from kitchens, to landscaping, to your whole house go to

I would like to thank you for making one of the most popular sites on the internet for DIY Home Construction.

All the best,

George Stevens

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